Antagonist handoff

In two movies I saw recently I identified antagonist function hand-offs.


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Logline: A princess goes after her magical sister who froze the land.

Elsa plays the role of antagonist (avoid/reconsider) until about 3/4 of the way through the movie. At that point, Hanz captures her. So the antagonist, Elsa, and her functions, get  neutralized.

The story can't function (well) without an antagonist. So very soon after the screen writers  hand the role off to Hanz. They reveal to the audience that Hanz has an evil ulterior motive.

Later Hanz, as a threat, gets neutralized. At almost the exact same time, Elsa solves her personal and the overall story problem: " Love will thaw". I think three scenes after that the movie ends (Cristoff's new sled, Olaf with Sven, ice skating, zoom out).

I see more than one antagonist hand-off in Toy Story.

Toy Story

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What's the story about?

A Cowboy toy feels threatened by the new cool toy and tries to get rid of him.

We see this story mainly from Woody's perspective, so he takes the main character role. To him, Buzz becones the antagonist.

Later Woody changes his mind about Buzz and convinces the toys to save Buzz from Sid (the toy destroyer). Antagonist hand-off 1: Buzz to Sid.

Once Sid, as a threat, gets neutralized, Andy's toys, thinking Woody betrayed them, become antagonistic toward Woody (push him off the truck). Hand-off 2: Sid to Andy's toys.

Then it seems to me that getting away from Sid and back to Andy becomes the goal. In this the situation itself, the physical obstacles, serve as the antagonist. Hand-off 3: Andy's toys to Situation.

Once they get to Andy's car, the story goal completes. Perhaps a minute later, Andy gets a puppy.  (What could possibly be worse than you, Buzz?)

I plan on using an antagonistic hand-off my own story also.

My Story

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Near the end of my story, the antagonist (Hunter) learns that the contagonist (Massick) has manipulated him since his youth. Angry, the Hunter stops focusing on beating the protagonist (Kayla) and turns on  Massick. Massick becomes the antagonist. Massick, formerly the contagonist had minions. These minions now take on the function of the contagonist. 

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