How about an example of Inequity as OS Problem?

Inequity - Problem
Equity - Solution
Ability - Symptom
Desire - Response

The Overall Story problem is a lack of equity. Solving that problem would involve establishing equity.  People think that the problem is Ability (the symptom). So they respond with Desire.

Illustration?  Poverty
The wealth in the World is distributed in an extremely skewed way. This causes problems of crime, disease, starvation, etc. These problems are symptoms. People think that the problem is not the wealth distribution being unequal, but people not having the ability to fight crime, fight disease, fight starvation. So, they respond with the desire to educate people about crime, disease, starvation. While their efforts help somewhat, they do nothing to address the basic lack of resources that are causing the real problem.

Destiny - Prob - Projection; Sol - Speculation; Symp - Aware; Resp - Self-aware
The Overall Story problem is Projection. A village is completely pessimistic because of their past back luck, and so accept that the future will be the same.

Speculation is the solution. Despite what has happened, the reality is that there is the possibility that things WILL change and that their dire predictions won't come true -- there is a realistic possibility of a brighter future. However, without believing in a hopeful future as a possibility, they don't work toward it.

People think that the problem is Aware. They believe that focusing too much on their environment -- on what's outside of them, causes them to be unhappy. They respond by focusing on what's inside of them -- by becoming more self-aware. While this gives them some relief by way of helping them cope and adjust internally to their environment, it encourages them to do little to nothing about the decaying external circumstances.

Innermost Desires - Closure - Avoidance - OS Issue
Problem - avoidance; solution, pursuit; symptom - reconsider; response - consider;

People are avoiding each other because interpersonal relationships are sometimes painful. The solution is to pursue others through the pain and to a positive relationship. Instead people feel pain and immediately run away.

People think that the problem is reconsider. They feel that the problem is that people are constantly reconsidering everything about how they relate to others, changing their behavior chaotically, which is a symptom of the real problem, not sticking it out. Because of this, people try desperately to weigh the pros and cons and come to a judgment that sticks. When they finally do this -- come to a judgment -- and then begin approaching people, their judgment doesn't work and they avoid and fall back into another cycle -- all the while still avoiding real lasting experiences with people because of the pain it causes.

Expediency> Protection as OS Problem
Parents try to protect their children against anything and everything, causing their children not to experience life and to have difficulties in numerous areas. The solution to this problem is for parents to let go somewhat, to do nothing and let their children make decisions.

The parents think that the problem is reduction. They believe that their children's problems are because of their teachers.  The parents respond with production, closely examining the teachers curriculum and suggesting all kinds of possible changes that they feel have the potential of helping.

As long as the real cause of the problem (over-protectiveness) is not addressed, changing the curriculum will have no significant effect on the children's issues.

Deficiency > Evaluation: OS Problem
People have evaluated nuclear energy to be bad.  Because they won't reevaluate this opinion, they have an energy crisis.  They believe that the problem is probability. They believe it probable that nuclear energy will destroy them. Their response is to look for other possible fuels. In reality, there is no better fuel. The truth is that nuclear energy can solve their problems, if they reevaluate it and how they might use it safely.

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