Taking a crack at Problem, Solution, Symptom, Response

Morality - variation

Problem -Faith
Solution - Disbelief
Symptom - Temptation
Response - Conscience

As OS story Issue:
A group of people have a die-hard FAITH in a religion that is PROBLEMATIC because it is untrue.  Because the religion doesn't match well with reality, people are TEMPTED by other explanations that seem to fit the facts better.  Temptation, as defined by their religion, is a bad thing (conscience), so people respond to their temptation by judging themselves (conscience) and trying to force themselves to believe -- to have even more FAITH.  Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle that does not resolve any of the problems that their faith is causing -- if anything, it makes it worse.

To resolve their problem, people need to judge (conscience) their temptation as a valid response.  Then they can question their faith and disbelieve the parts that are causing problems for them.

Let's try a different one:
Activity > Obtaining > Attitude
Help - Problem
Hinder - Solution
Oppose - Symptom
Support - Reponse

People are way too quick to help others, not allowing them to figure things out themselves.  The solution would be to hinder them -- challenge them.  But instead, people see confrontational attitudes as the problem, and punish those who give voice to dissenting views, but they don't stop their helping/dependency creating behavior -- they support the attitude that directly helping is good.

Activity > Obtaining > Self-Interest (measuring stick?)
Uncontrolled - Problem
Control - Solution
Avoidance - Symptom
Pursuit - Reponse

Society is in a state of lawlessness (uncontrol).  Establishing unified law enforcement would solve the problem (control: solution).  People don't see the problem clearly, so think that the symptom (avoidance) is the problem.  People are avoiding getting involved because of the potential hazards.

Some people see the solution as pursuit -- they must pursue individuals breaking the law, but in their own lawless way.  They, in essense, are contributing to the problem, because they are not working with others on an overarching system of law enforcement.

Another -- this is kinda fun - :)

Activity > Obtaining > Approach
Consider - Problem
Reconsider - Solution
Logic - Symptom
Feeling - Response

Everyone has considered a problem and come to a false judgment.  To truly resolve the problem, they must reconsider their judgment.  People believe that the real problem is logic -- that people are relying far too much on their minds to deal with problems.  Their response is to encourage people to "use their emotions" "see how you feel about things" "get in touch with your emotional side".  While this may lead to some beneficial effects, it will never resolve the problem because it doesn't change the fact that the original judgment was incorrect.

Mental health problems are running rampant in the US.  People have considered this and determined that the reason is because of television.  People believe that the mental messages that are being sent are faulty -- "All women love sex" "All men are manly" -- and that we should focus on sending more emotionally accurate messages ("Men cry too.").  In reality, a deficiency of Vitamin X is causing brain malfunctions that lead to mental health problems.  Until people reconsider their judgment that tv is at fault, no serious progress with be made on the mental health problem.

(Activity -everyone is trying to resolve mental health problems; Obtaining -- they want to obtain a solution -- obtain a decrease in mental health case reports; Approach -- their approach is all wrong.

Break time.

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