Why Dramatica?

Reading a post on Jim Hull's blog, Storyfanatic(now Narrative First), I began to wonder what it was about Dramatica that got me hooked.

Like Jim says, it all just feels right, and the theory is so incredibly rich. I know I can only digest so much of it at a time.  But each time I 'eat' it, I feel fulfilled -- like I understand Story a little more -- and that I'll be able to use this understanding to write better than ever before.

I can already see an impact on my writing.  Although I'm stumbling as I try to stand and walk, my efforts to use Dramatica sketchy and sometimes frustrating -- but ultimately worthwhile -- overall, I feel myself stretching, understanding more and more.

I believe that in the Dramatica site and Chris Huntley's work, Jim Hull's blog, and Armando Saldano-Mora's writing and explanations, I've found a triumvirate that will take me further than I ever thought I could go.  And get me somewhere I've always wanted to be.

It's helped me believe that I may one day be able to write compelling stories -- stories that I can be proud of.

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