Dramatica Process - A story I want to write -- unorganized notes ... Zero and Solitaire, denial, acceptance

This story is about a boy, Zero, who denies his reality -- the reality that adults, whether on purpose or because they are unable, cannot be trusted to be stable and to care for him.

The primary issue in the story is Denial vs. Closure. (This is at the Variation level.)

Zero is a brilliant young boy, son of a recently deceased, unstable scientist. After his mother died in childbirth (along with triplets), his father despaired, losing his morality and engaging in very strange experiments. At some point, the audience learns that he has created 3 beings from the triplets (whose "remains" he arranged to have transported immediately from the hospital to his lab -- there will be a scene that Zero will remember where dad was on his cell phone, frantic, making arrangements, even before his mother was dead -- a reaction that Zero hated his father for -- and the fact that he left Zero (abandoned him) at the hospital -- a nurse ended up taking him to his father's work. Upon arrival, Zero's father is preoccupied, saying he's sorry but then quickly angry at Zero's distress and going back to his experiments -- maybe this is the opening chapter)

Over a period of two years, his father is obsessed with work, leaving Zero to be raised by... himself (Zero was 10 when mom died, now 12). Zero, brilliant, isolated, finding his father only engages with him when talking about science/computers, etc. becomes infatuated with computers and becomes a computer genius. He'll have to have some issues -- maybe he'll get in trouble because he hacks into things -- maybe his computers will be taken away. He gets in trouble and gets some of dad's attention. "The police showed up again -- the FBI showed up at the lab today, Benjamin. You have to stop this..."

Dad creates three beings over a period of 2 years. He creates the Bots -- two half-human, half-computer beings -- and a vampire girl -- Solitaire, like the diamond, alone ... and like the sun. The audience will discover at some point that these three beings were created using Zero's siblings, two sisters and a brother.

The Bots start causing problems in the town -- they're hyper-intelligent but immature. These problems lead to Dad's death, Sol's escape from the lab, Crusher and Segundo's presence in the town -- and the removal of all the other kids in the town. (somehow).

Crusher/Segundo. Crusher is a strong, no-nonsense military man (retired?) who is in charge or takes charge of things -- of investigating what's going on in this town. He will signify the adult who is well meaning and capable, but who ultimately fails to take care of Zero.

Segundo is a private military contractor (the Antagonist), who was hired (by the Bots indirectly?) to "neutralize" Dad and the other projects at the lab. He has a very contentious relationship with Crusher (they used to work together in the military, and Crusher doesn't agree with Segundo going private and doing questionable things for money). Segundo is a representation of adults who have little regard for children -- who actively "fail", or don't even try, or are even willing to hurt -- Zero.

More later...


I'm not sure if Zero's issue is denial -- denying what he knows to be true, that adults ultimately can't be trusted -- or nonacceptance -- nonacceptance of the fact that adults can't be trusted. I wonder this because the dynamic pair for denial, which is what I first chose, is closure, which is different than acceptance, although I guess they go hand-in-hand.

I'm not sure where I'm going from here. I have ideas for scenes and know how I'd like the story to end. (Zero learns that, while he can't necessarily trust adults to take care of him, his own efforts plus the help of friends, particularly Sol in this story, can get him by).


Often, especially when coming back to writing, I'm unsure where to begin. I guess that's part of my (current) process, and probably something that will smooth out the more I write.


I should probably break this up into multiple posts...

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